This journey started many years ago, when my moma told me I was a good story-teller. Since then I have tried different platforms and techniques. My favourite one is writing but I love video and photography too. After two failed attempts of starting a blog I decided this is THE ONE. I will take this blog and I will nourished it as if it was my child (I would've say a plant but I tend to kill them for some reason). 

Here is my statement:
  • I will write at least one post every week with original pictures of my adventures
  • I will accept constructive comments
  • I will look for interesting subjects and characters to share with the world
  • I will talk just a bit about me, and
  • I will try to keep it interesting and simple
I want to take you all in a journey of quirky experiences through my eyes.

Welcome aboard (Cabin crew, doors to manual and cross check). 


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