The full-on Journey of giving birth

I can’t believe it has been two years  since the last time I wrote a post. Believe me I intended to become a good blogger and write every day (or at least every week). But guest what… I became a mother and as a mom time becomes a very precious asset and free time is not longer as such because it is used for those little things that become a luxury: having a shower, have a crap, eat, cut your nails, sleep (and you are extremely lucky if this happens at night). Right now I’m actually just writing fast before my no 2 wakes up from her 10 minutes nap (I know I should be cooking or doing the laundry).
Being a mum is amazing and highly rewarding but it does consume your time (I’m writing this while I bounce with miss 2 on the baby carrier while I’m trying to get her to have a longer nap…it’s not working)

Last time I wrote I promise to take you for “a great, quirky and full on journey:  my experience of giving birth”. Forget that bullshit. Giving birth was scary, overwhelming, and painful and the recovery was long. Since then I decided to go for round two and this time I got a C-section. Now with a minimum of authority based only on my experience I can let you know about giving birth. 

The First Time: Natural Birth

The first time I gave birth I was 100% confident of myself and my body. I spent 8 months doing yoga and preparing myself and my soul to take this trip to the stars and come back with a baby. Everything was fantastic in my mind and under control until the day I had to get induced (my body was enjoying too much being pregnant and I went 2 weeks overdue with no signs of labour). 

That morning I was excited and ready for the marathon. I start labour after 10 minutes of receiving the drug and things were going well. I was handling the pain like a champion. After 10 hours of refusing pain killers I broke down and called out dying for an epidural but the anaesthetist was in surgery. I had to wait another 2 hours for the relief to come.

I can vaguely remember anything but him arriving and me feeling like he was the best friend a person could have and wanting to kiss him after.  I thought then “This is it, now is going to be a piece of cake”. WRONG! Stage 2 went for-ever and after 6 hours pushing the doctors decided I needed an emergency C-section. Before going into theatre the doctor told me they would try forceps first, I nodded yes and off we went. After 10 minutes of hectic pushing in the middle of a panic attack because I could not breathe, my baby was born (angelic bells are ringing!). That is all I can remember.

I woke up next morning and baby wasn’t there, she was being observed at the ITU. Fortunately everything was well and I got to meet her after lunch. 

I didn’t think much of my birth and I tried to avoid thinking about it but when I was pregnant with my second all the terrible memories began to appear. I decided then that I was up for C-Section.

I need to make a note here: not all births are like mine. My first birth was described by the doctors as a book-case because of all the things that can go wrong in a normal birth most of them happened to me: big baby (4.5 kg), overdue (13 days), posterior, induced, prolonged 2nd stage, delivery with forceps, shoulder dystocia, 3d degree tear, haemorrhage, etc, etc, etc.     

The Second Time: C-Section

That morning was quite a good one. I was booked for 11 am surgery and I knew my baby will be out after 10 minutes of surgery. I couldn’t help feeling anxious and thinking about what could happened if I bled to death. Lucky the whole team was amazing and they helped me feel safe. As I imagined she came out and cried. Everything seem easy. They gave me the right pain killers and off I went with Motherhood. 

Now! Motherhood of two is not quite a piece of cake, don’t get me wrong. I have terrible “get me out of here” moments, and joyful “let’s have another one” days. But that is a full story for a new post…keep reading.

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