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The full-on Journey of giving birth

OMG!!!!!!!!!   I can’t believe it has been two years   since the last time I wrote a post. Believe me I intended to become a good blogger and write every day (or at least every week). But guest what… I became a mother and as a mom time becomes a very precious asset and free time is not longer as such because it is used for those little things that become a luxury: having a shower, have a crap, eat, cut your nails, sleep (and you are extremely lucky if this happens at night). Right now I’m actually just writing fast before my no 2 wakes up from her 10 minutes nap (I know I should be cooking or doing the laundry). Being a mum is amazing and highly rewarding but it does consume your time (I’m writing this while I bounce with miss 2 on the baby carrier while I’m trying to get her to have a longer nap…it’s not working) Last time I wrote I promise to take you for “a great, quirky and full on journey:   my experience of giving birth”. Forget that bullshit. Giving birth was

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