Oh Fridays, my favourite day!

It sounds like a cliché but after a good week working hard with a routine of early mornings to get to the gym, then to work, then home, etc Fridays are just a relief. The end and the catharsis of the hectic week.

Fridays are also my "indulgence" day. Today I will eat nice-naughty food because I worth it but as usual I tried to keep my naughtiness in the bright side. Here is a list of my recommendations for indulgent tooth without guilt.   

The fish taco

I discovered this amazing grazing last summer when I decided to try Fonda Mexican in Richmond. I work a couple of streets away from Swan Street, it was a really hot Friday and I thought “let’s get down to those tacos”. In my head I had a Tex-Mex cheesy taco; I ordered the fish tacos ($6 each) and  it was a great surprise. Beautiful homemade soft tortilla with coleslaw and crispy fish fillets on top: I was in heaven!   

The fullofveggies pizza

When it comes to veggies I love my rainbow. You get a nice treat full of phytonutrients and a dash of not-that-healthy fat. If this sounds like you I recommend “Sienna” from Fazio’s in Hampton. If you are filling inspired and you wish to try cooking your own my dough recipe is self-raising flower, beer and salt mixed together (start by doing a volcano with the flour, then add the salt and poor the beer slowly mixing with your hand at the same time until you get a nice texture).

The healthy hot chocolate

Did you know Cocoa or Theobroma Cacao for the botanical experts –the main ingredient to make nice chocolate- is a super food? It contains over 700 known disease-fight compounds, including antioxidants polyphenols (to prevent cells from premature destruction). It also helps the brain to produce serotonin and dopamine (the “feel good” hormones); and it gives you great energy which is all you need on Friday!    

This is a Willie’s recipe I saw on TV (in Jamie Oliver's show in fact). You can get Willie’s 100% cocoa online. I felt in love with this one after I saw a TV show where Willie himself travelled around the hottest cacao spots in the world looking for the best produce of the fruit. His recipe is quite simple and the best of all is lactose and guilt free. Grate the cacao block (about 1 tablespoon for a mug of water) then mix it with water, a bit of chilli and my personal touch is a teaspoon of coconut sugar and bring it to a slight simmer (don’t boiled it). The result is a yumy energetic drink full of goodness.      

Be happy and enjoy your Friday!   


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