What does a life looks like?

G’day everyone!

I’m back! I know I failed my middle year resolution of posting new stories and amazing experiences every week (apologies) but we are now in a new year (yay!).

This year we have a very exciting project. I say WE because my lovely and favourite sister Fran will join us! We’ll be doing some feature work every month combining pictures and text (more pictures to be real honest). This thrilling venture started when Fran joined Clickinmoms an online community of photographers (pro and hobbyist) which offers a space for women to learn, share and network through unique images.

Our first experience it’s called “My Life” and below it’s my sister masterpiece followed by my first experimental photography creation. We also invite you to follow the circle and check out the amazing job made by Las Vegas photographer, Lisa J Deering of Lisa J Photography.


Late last year I decided to bite the bullet and join the Clicking Mum’s forum. Well! I never thought I would find such a talented bunch of super women doing what I dream of doing: to record precious moments and through it also creating pieces of art. I was also looking for new encouraging projects to take different pictures in 2014 and learn techniques but also create a more “documentary style photography” for my family, and I was lucky enough to be accepted into this blog circle. It’s being inspiring and also an incredible insight into the creative process.

So here we go: January, MY LIFE.

These days I am always the first one to wake up, and I treasure those minutes with my coffee while everything is still quiet.

Then the girls wake up and the first question (before good morning) is : “Is Peppa Pig on?!”.

After school we often manage to get into the garden. We have a little veggie patch and we try to keep up with the weeds.

We live close to the beach so we make an effort and try to get there as often as we can. The sand and the fresh air remind me of long summer holidays of my childhood.

Later a little improvised session before bed to try “bokeh” a technique I discovered on Pinterest. After a little bribing the session goes well.

Thanks a lot to all the girls on the blog circle.

Please remember to check them out.

Notes to self: Need more pics of dad; need to learn how to take pics on low light (at the moment can’t get my camera to actually take the pic – something to do with the light sensor I think (suggestions anyone?). I would be very grateful if you could give me some feedback as this is my first year doing serious photography.

Now back to me...(Lu)

In the meantime not far from the girls...

I get ready for work. I rush around between my coffee and my cereal bar because it’s already 7.30 (time to fly out the door)

I always enjoy my morning trip. The train is usually a good option as I get to see the beach and lots of faces and I always wonder how many stories you can fit on one place.

When I get to work The Queen greets me and my desk is usually full of amazing tasks for the day.

After work a little exercise seems like a good idea. Bootcamp is ace and Stone turns hard work into a remarkable experience (I will tell you more about him next time, so stayed tuned in). My walk back to the train station is great as I get to enjoy the city landscape.

It's been a pleasure to share a bit of our life with you (note: special mention to Hubby Mr T, not in this set but he may be in my posts one day soon). 

Take care peeps!


  1. Lovely! I really like how you captured small details from your daily life. My favorite is the shovel image. :)

  2. I love how you organized all of this. It really paints a picture of your life and where you live. I am a bit jealous! Beautiful images!

  3. This is really great! I love my boot camp class, but it's indoors. Outside looks like it would be fun! xo.

  4. Lucky girl living near the beach! I enjoyed looking through your photos! I think the Queen greeting you was so funny. Looking forward to getting to know you better!


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